1kv Sanctuary for the Arts


1000virtues (1kv) is a sanctuary for the arts that facilitates inspiration, upliftment and healing through the education, embodiment and expression of the performing arts.

Education of the arts is available The Virtues Academy, a school of disciplines including training in classical dance techniques (classical ballet, Horton technique, Graham-based modern, Jazz, West African), martial arts forms (Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai-chi Chuan), yogic healing arts (Hatha Vinyasa traditions as well as Forrest Yoga), meditation, pranayama as well as 1kv techniques (Neo-ballet, M-Lab, Sensual Fitness and Funk Jam).

Embodiment is practiced through work with Spirit Doula, a unique healing modality  promotes healing, strengthening and integration of breath and spirit in body. The essence of Spirit Doula work is based on Qi (chee), a chinese term for breath, life force or spirit. Spirit Doula work births the spirit or Qi back into the body in order to prepare a foundation for further embodiment and expression.

Expression opportunities begin with Soul Sessions, a performance platform party for artists to meet, perform and party in a warm, inspiring, non-judgmental community of fellow artists who practice tolerance, acceptance, encouragement and support for individual and collective artistic expression.

Artists who participate in Soul Sessions automatically become a member of The Soul Collective, the network of artists who then are given opportunities to participate in Soulabs, Soulaborations and Soulstice Soirees. Participation in 1 or more sessions grants you membership into The Soul Collective [TSC], whereby you receive VIP invitations to perform at upcoming sessions. Options to pay the TSC fee will also grant you immediate access to The Soul Collective Network, an online profiling system that connects artists with one another.

The embodied, educated and expressive artist individual, either trained from 1000 Virtues or elsewhere may then choose to apply or wait to be invited to audition to be a member of Vessel Dance Theater [VDT], a dance theater collective that integrates multidisciplinary artists with the refinement of technical prowess with the passion of story-telling artistry through improvisation and creative genius. VDT is a selective, invitation only dance theater group that tours nationally and internationally to create, present and tour original work both nationally and internationally.  VDT provides artists from The Soul Collective as priority collaborators.

1000 Virtues supports and facilitates diversity and versatility in self expression through the performing arts. Persons demonstrating racism, bigotry, prejudice, white supremacy (overt and covert), entitlement, judgment, superiority complexes, egomania, narcissism, malice, competitiveness or any other unnecessary drama shall not be welcome in the sanctuary.  1kv welcomes LGBTQ, refugees, people of all colors, faiths and walks in life. 1kv brings together artists of across several disciplines to create under common goals, visions and missions.