Artists Collective


Founder of 1ooo virtues, Dancer
Artistic Director of Vessel Dance Theater,
Mama Soul of Soul Sessions
Spirit Doula


I am a vessel using the gifts that have been given to me in the space that lies before me expressing the information passing through me.

I am 1000 virtues, Goddess of truth, beauty and hope, here to heal and uplift humanity through the embodiment, education and expression of the performing arts.

I am a visionary, story-teller, dancer, choreographer, curator, organizer, healer and teacher, pianist, vocalist here to master and share the things I love.

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Multi-instrumentalist, linguist, music teacher, vocalist


A percussionist in the heart with languages on the brain, Kramer is a musician avec tricks up his sleeve who is sure to keep you on your orteils. When he’s not teaching music, he’s learning, always upping the ante by incorporating más instrumentos into his evolving improvisação.


Educator, Musician, Poet, Activist, Soul Sessions Torch-Bearer



Creatress, Healer, Artist, Dancer

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.58.07 AM

 i am a creatress and a healer. much of the spirit that you see in my art is that of the channeler, and that of the warrior woman who has found a medium of expression, catharsis, and liberation. 

my work as an artist and my work as a healer are intertwined, as they both stem from a direct channel to pain and suffering on an individual and cosmic scale.

there also exists within my work a connection to an ancient self/source/world that fills me with spirit, visions, and rememberance that drive me to create. each of of my art forms is call to the self, and a call to the collective to remember the unlanguageable things, the deepest truths. bless.


Lighting Designer

Stephen Petrilli (Lighting Designer) has also designed for Anikaya Dance Theater, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Prometheus Dance, Zoe Dance, Contrapose Dance, Jazz Inc Dance and Ailey II.  Theatre credits include Theatre Workshop of Nantucket, Bridge Rep of Boson, Hibernian Hall, The Pearl Theatre Company, NAATCo and The Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival in his hometown of Pittsburgh.  He has a fourteen year old son, Liam.


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