“I am a vessel using the tools I have been given in the space that lies before me expressing the information passing through me.”

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My name is Chienhwe. I was born in Taiwan under the name of Hong Chienhwe (last name – first name). When I moved to America, my mother thought it a good idea to choose an American name, so my 7 year old self decided on Carol after a game of eenie meenie minie moe. Teachers at school, both academic and artistic called me Carol until I graduated college as a bachelor of fine arts from The Ailey School/Fordham University. I decided to then embrace my ethnic identity. Upon moving to Boston and receiving the Emerging Artist Award from Green Street Studios, my artistic projects went under the name of “1000 Virtues” as it is the literal translation of my Asian name into English. For years, I taught dance, created dance works, choreographed, collaborated and performed locally, nationally and globally alongside a growing practice as a spiritual mentor and healer through bodywork and meditation. Last year, an intense ankle sprain kept me from dancing for over 1 year. The impact was intense; my soul longed for another creative outlet for self expression. Out of this life changing event flourished a deep part of my creative and spiritual identity that was hidden underneath my pursuits and passions for dance. An artistic voice emerged from a process of unexpected upheaval to heal, uplift and inspire myself and hopefully others through the music. Through intensive meditation and transformation, Tristine Yin, singer, songwriter and musician emerged and was able to finally move through me into the world. I do hope you resonate with the lyrics and melodies and vibrations of my songs that are pouring out of me. If you are interested in listening to, watching, downloading or purchasing my first track called “Birdcage,” (produced by Jaay Soull Studios), subscribe to the newsletter.