Vessel Dance Theater

Vessel Dance Theater [VDT] is a selective, invitation only performance collaborative comprised of multidisciplinary performing artists who create, present and tour original work by founder Chienhwe.

VDT’s mission is to bring together the highest caliber of performing arts genius to tell stories that heal, inspire, uplift and empower audiences.

VDT artists/collaborators are selected based on creative merit, individuality, strong technical proficiency as well as reliability and professionalism.

To become a selected dance collaborator of VDT, you will have had to have a minimum of 5 years professional ballet training, modern/contemporary/jazz training, improvisation skills, an empathetic heart, and a need to tell stories through your body and soul.

To qualify as an artist or collaborator for VDT, please send samples of your work as well as a letter of intent explaining your interest in collaborating Vessel Dance Theater.